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It's very similar to sugarcane. What's the name of the one thinner than sugarcane

Sweet stick, also known as Luji. Sweet stick is an annual plant of Gramineae. Its stem and root are very similar to the shape of sugarcane, but different. Compared with sugarcane, sweet stick tastes sweeter, and it can also be used to make wine. Much like sugarcane, what's the name of sugar cane thinner than sugarcane? It is widely used in sugar making, wine making, alcohol fuel, paper making and feed.

The stem of the sweet stick is thick and tall. Generally, it can grow to more than 2 meters and up to 4 meters.

Sweet sticks are native to India and Myanmar and are now cultivated on all continents. (HeGanZheHenXiangBiGanZheXiDeJiaoShenMeMingZi)