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How to choose grapefruit is sweet

When selecting grapefruit, pay attention to three aspects. Grapefruit will be sweeter. First, grapefruit with the same size and heavier weight will be sweeter with more water. The second is the size. Big grapefruit is often more delicious and sweet. The third is to choose sharp grapefruit.

1. Test weight

When we buy grapefruit, we can try the weight of two grapefruits of the same size. Generally, the heavier the weight of grapefruit, the better, because the weight means that grapefruit has more water, the pulp will be fuller, and it will taste sweet and delicious.

2. Look at the size

Buying grapefruit must be the bigger the better, because if it is a small grapefruit, the grapefruit skin will account for a large part, and the taste is worse than the big one. And the larger the grapefruit is, the less likely it is to be hollow inside, so that the pulp will be full and sweet.

3. Look at the shape

Shape is also an important aspect to see whether grapefruit is sweet or not. According to experience, round headed grapefruit is a sour variety, while pointed grapefruit will taste sweeter. However, it should be noted that when buying the tip, do not choose the tip which is larger, because the tip part has no pulp.