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The difference between bagels and doughnuts

The fundamental difference between bagels and doughnuts is that bagels are baked with flour and sugar, and doughnuts are fried with flour and sugar. There is also a difference between the two methods. Bagels are formed by pinching the dough into strips, while doughnuts poke a hole directly in the dough.

Bagels and doughnuts are Western-style cakes, which have been widely loved by young people since they were introduced into China. The two cakes look very similar. In fact, in cooking techniques, bagels are baked and doughnuts are fried, and bagels last longer than doughnuts.

The practice of bagel is to add an appropriate amount of sugar and flour to the flour, and then place it for fermentation. After fermentation, knead them into small dough one by one, knead the dough into strips, bond both ends together, and bake in the oven.

The practice of doughnuts is to add eggs and sugar to the flour and stir them together, then add yeast to ferment into dough, divide the large dough into small dough, flatten the dough a little, then poke a small hole in the middle, and finally put it into an oil pan and fry until golden.