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How do sand clams sand

To sand the sand clam, soak it in water with salt and sesame oil. You can also prepare a container of appropriate size, and then put sand clams and water into it to shake. In addition, we can also directly blanch the sand clams in the pot, and then take them out for washing.

There are many ways to remove sand from sand clams. For example, we can prepare a basin of water, add an appropriate amount of salt and sesame oil to the water, stir evenly, and then soak the sand clams in water.

Or we can prepare a relatively large container, add water that can not exceed all the sand clams, and then put the sand clams in it and shake them back and forth. Pay attention not to use too much force. You can shake it for a while to wash the sand clam. Repeat it several times and the sand clam will spit almost.

Finally, we can also directly blanch the sand clam in the pot. Just boil a pot of boiling water first, then blanch it in the pot for a while, and then take it out for washing. However, this method will make the freshness of the sand clam pass away. We should use it carefully.