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Does lipstick have a shelf life

have Every product has a shelf life, and lipstick is the same. The shelf life of lipstick is usually divided into unopened shelf life and unopened shelf life. Generally speaking, when the lipstick is not opened, the shelf life is about 3 years. The shelf life of lipstick after opening is about 12-24 months. How to judge the bad smell of lipstick: Generally speaking, each lipstick has its own unique smell. If it is expired lipstick, the smell will fade or pungent.

Look at the paste: the lipstick that has not expired is solid. Expired lipstick paste is usually greasy or too dry and cracked.

Look at the color: the color degradation of deteriorated lipstick is obvious, and the coloring is particularly uneven, so it is not smooth to use. (KouGongYouBaoZhiJiMa)