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Where is osmanthus cake an authentic specialty

Osmanthus cake is a specialty in many places, such as Nanjing, Xianning, Guilin, etc. osmanthus cake in different places also has its own characteristics. For example, Xianning osmanthus cake tastes oily, sweet and salty, while Nanjing osmanthus cake has good appearance, crisp taste and a unique fragrance.

Sweet scented osmanthus cake is popular in the north and south of the river. It is a specialty in many places, and the methods of making sweet scented osmanthus cake in each place also have their own characteristics. For example, Nanjing osmanthus cake, Xianning osmanthus cake, Guilin osmanthus cake and so on.

Xianning sweet scented osmanthus cake, which is produced in the famous hometown of sweet scented osmanthus, is a kind of sweet scented osmanthus cake with oily taste but not boring and suitable for sweet and salty. Nanjing sweet scented osmanthus cake has a very beautiful appearance, soft taste and unique fragrance.

In fact, we can also make simple sweet scented osmanthus cake at home. We only need to steam glutinous rice flour, flour, white granulated sugar, sugar sweet scented osmanthus together with an appropriate amount of water, then take it out, stir and knead it, and finally pour it into a suitable container and cut it into pieces.