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How can cherries be preserved

If you want to preserve cherries for a long time, you need to use some special methods. You can put cherries and sugar into a pot to cook and make a delicious cherry sweet soup. It can also be made into delicious cherry jam or mellow cherry wine.

Although cherry is delicious, it is not easy to preserve it for a long time. We can first boil the cherries in water for half an hour, and then add white sugar to boil them together. After the water boils, we can turn off the fire. Such a bowl of cherry sweet soup is very nourishing.

Cherries can also be made into cherry jam. First remove the core of the cherry, then pour it into the pot, put some rock sugar and boil it slowly over a low heat. Finally, add a little lemon juice and wait until it is boiled into jelly. It's sour and sweet. It's very delicious.

Or prepare 1000 ml of rice wine, then put cherries in the jar and seal them, so that cherries can be completely immersed in rice wine. Half a month later, mellow cherry wine will be made. It is said that drinking it can also promote blood circulation and relieve pain.