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Proportion of conversion syrup

To convert syrup, you need to prepare some white sugar, water and lemon juice. Their ratio is 400 grams. 300 grams of water and 60 ml of lemon juice are needed. Put the sugar into the Guo Li to boil and stir for about 60 minutes to get the syrup. When boiling the syrup, use a low fire. The freshly boiled syrup will produce bubbles and can be placed for a day or two.

After preparing the material for boiling syrup, put the white sugar directly into the pot and stir it evenly with water, boil the water over medium heat, and then add fresh lemon juice. After boiling over medium heat again, it can be turned into a low fire without stirring. Boil for about 60 minutes and find that the color turns yellow and a little thick.

Pay attention when boiling syrup. If sugar crystals appear at the edge of the pot when boiling, you can use a brush to stick some water and flush it into the pot. And when boiling, you need to use a small fire until it becomes amber and transparent. If the boiling time is not up, the color of the syrup will be very light.

Some bubbles will appear when the syrup is just boiled, and it needs to be washed more than honey. Pouring it down with a spoon will be intermittent, but when the syrup is cold, or placed for a day or two, it will become viscous, and the effect is very good.