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Overnight preservation method of Qifeng cake

To keep Qifeng cake overnight, it is best to seal it and refrigerate it in the refrigerator, or you can buy a cake preservation box to keep it. Another saying is that the cut apple and cake can be saved together to make it better.

Qifeng cake is a kind of sponge cake. It is very fluffy and soft. It is a very basic and popular cake. If we want to keep Qifeng cake overnight, we'd better seal it and refrigerate it in the refrigerator.

Another saying is that you can cut an apple and store it together in the box containing the cake, so that the cake can keep its moisture and delicious the next day, and the smell of apple can also improve the flavor of the cake.

In addition, there is also a cake preservation box on the Internet. We can also buy this box to store cakes. However, Qifeng cake tastes better just baked, so if conditions permit, we'll try to bake and eat it now.