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What about soft taro balls

When the taro is soft, there is no way to change it, because it is already cooked, and there is no way to change its state. To make good taro balls, you need to control the ratio of cassava powder to taro paste at 1:2, and add a small amount of cassava powder many times while it is hot.

If the taro balls are soft and not as hard and chewy as the taro balls purchased from outside, it is likely that there is too little cassava powder in the production of taro balls. But there is no way to change the state of cooked taro balls.

If you want to make taro balls delicious, you must control them in the process of making. First of all, we should master the proportion of cassava powder and taro paste. Their proportion should preferably be controlled at 1:2, and then we can appropriately increase and reduce cassava powder according to the dry and wet degree of taro paste.

At the same time, it should be noted that when we mix cassava powder and taro paste, we should quickly add cassava powder while the taro paste is still hot, and add it in a small amount and many times. Only add a little each time and completely mix it with the taro paste until the dough is formed.