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What oil should be added to the booster cylinder

Only hydraulic oil can be added to the booster cylinder, and other liquid media such as oil or water shall not be used. At the same time, contact between hydraulic oil and water shall be avoided to avoid fuel injection of the booster cylinder. The most commonly used hydraulic oils are isovg46# and isovg68#, which are suitable for 68 in the South and 46 in the north.

Supercharging cylinder is also called gas-liquid supercharging cylinder. It is improved by combining the advantages of cylinder and oil cylinder. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small occupied space, long service life and low noise.

This kind of booster cylinder can only add hydraulic oil, and other liquids such as oil or water cannot be used. And the hydraulic oil can not contact with water, otherwise it is very easy to emulsify and deteriorate, resulting in fuel injection of booster cylinder.

Isovg46 # and isovg68 # are commonly used hydraulic oils for hydraulic cylinders. The weather in the south is relatively warm. Basically, No. 68 is the most commonly used, while the temperature in the north is low, so no. 46 is the best, which can ensure the performance and better operation of pressurized cylinders.