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How to make fried oil pimple fluffy

To make the fried oil lumps fluffy, first we should stir the high gluten flour, sugar, salt, oil and eggs together, then pour the melted yeast powder into the fermentation, and then add baking soda. After the second fermentation, put it on the oil painted panel, knead the shape in a quarter of an hour, and then fry it in the oil.

Oil pimple is one of the characteristic breakfasts in China. With a bowl of white porridge and a little pickle, people have a full sense of happiness. This kind of food is not difficult to make by itself, but we still need to master certain methods. Only in this way can it be fluffy, fragrant and crisp.

First, we prepare a basin of high gluten flour, add white sugar and salt, then an appropriate amount of oil and eggs, mix them evenly, and then prepare some yeast powder, melt it in warm water, pour it into the stirred dough, and ferment it in a warm place.

Prepare about 3 grams of baking soda powder, pour it into an appropriate amount of warm water, dissolve it, and slowly knead the fermented dough with your hand stained with soda water. After the soda water is used up, conduct secondary fermentation. After fermentation, place it on the oil brushed panel, cover it with a wet cloth, knead the dough into shape in about a quarter of an hour, and fry it in hot oil. After frying, Oil pimples will be fluffy and crispy. It's very delicious.