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The difference between white jelly and pea powder

Pea powder is mainly popular in Yunnan, and white jelly is popular in southern China. And pea powder takes pea as raw material, and white jelly is mainly made of plant jelly glue and so on. At the same time, pea powder is close to ginger, while white jelly is close to transparent.

1、 Origin

Pea powder is a traditional Han snack in Yunnan. It can be eaten hot or cold. White jelly is a famous snack in southern China. It is a good product for summer heat. It is basically as cool as its name.

2、 Raw materials

Pea powder is a kind of coarse grain product. It is made by peeling dry peas and soaking them in water, grinding them into pulp, cooling and solidification after filtration, boiling and other processes. White jelly is mainly made of plant jelly glue and so on.

3、 Color and taste

White jelly powder is a refreshing, tender and smooth food, and its appearance is nearly transparent and similar to jelly. The of pea powder is close to ginger yellow. It tastes delicate, tender and smooth, and has a special aroma belonging to peas.