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What is used to heat the graphite pot

The moto stone pot is heated with open fire. When heating the moto stone pot with open fire, pay attention to the use of dispersed flame, not only one area of it. At first, it needs to be heated slowly with a low fire, and then turn to a medium fire.

Moto stone pot is a cooking tool. Because the food cooked by it is very delicious and rich in trace elements needed by the human body, it is loved by many people who pay attention to health preservation.

It's best to use open fire to heat the moto stone pot, and it's best not to let the flame concentrate in one place to heat the moto stone pot, which will cause damage to the moto stone pot and even make it dirty.

At the beginning, it's best to use a low fire first, and then slowly turn to a medium fire. At the same time, it should be noted that the moto stone pot can not be directly dried without water, that is, it is best used to make soup.