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How to repair the short circuit of induction cooker

If the induction cooker is short circuited, check whether the internal transformer, power line and fuse are damaged, and replace the damaged parts. Or take away the things blocking its exhaust outlet, because it will automatically cut off power when the internal temperature of the induction cooker is too high.

Many people must have encountered the sudden short circuit of the induction cooker in the process of use, especially when boiling hot pot. If the induction cooker strikes suddenly, it is really disappointing.

This may be due to the overheating protection function of the induction cooker. If we block the exhaust outlet of the induction cooker and the temperature inside the induction cooker reaches a certain height, it will automatically cut off power to prevent overheating from causing damage or even fire.

It is also possible that some parts inside the induction cooker are damaged. We can check whether the transformer, power line, fuse and EMC protection module are damaged and replace them in time.