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What do you mean, whole sugar and ice

Whole sugar de icing is a taste of milk tea. The milk tea in the milk tea shop can be divided into whole sugar, seven sugar, half sugar and less ice de icing. Later, it was used as a metaphor for a girl's gentle temper and lovely appearance.

When we often buy milk tea, the clerk of the milk tea shop usually asks whether we want half sugar, seven cents sugar or whole sugar. Whole sugar can make the milk tea very sweet. Remove ice, reduce ice or add ice. Removing ice is the milk production to maintain the original heat.

The whole sugar de Iced Milk Tea will be very sweet and warm. Later, it was described that girls have sweet looks and gentle temper, which is as sweet as a cup of whole sugar de Iced Milk Tea.

Then the adjective "whole sugar de icing" spread on the Internet. Many girls like to regard themselves as the girl with whole sugar de icing or called the girl with whole sugar de icing. Their gentle temper and sweet appearance are loved by everyone.