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How to solve the freezing of air conditioning pipe

There are many reasons for the freezing of air conditioning pipes, which we should analyze and solve. If the refrigerant is insufficient, it needs to be added in time. If there is too much fluorine, the excess fluorine should be discharged in time. If there is too much dust on the filter screen, it should also be cleaned in time.

1. Make up refrigerant

Generally speaking, when we find that the large pipe is frozen when using the air conditioner, it is mostly due to the lack of refrigerant. If the system leaks, the refrigerant will gradually decrease and freeze when it reaches zero. At this time, we need to shut down immediately and add refrigerant appropriately.

2. Excessive fluoride

In the operation principle of the air conditioner, the ice enters from the thin pipe and then returns to the compressor from the thick pipe. If the fluorine content is too high, the indoor unit will not evaporate completely, and it will freeze when it reaches the thick pipe. At this time, it is necessary to discharge the excess fluorine.

3. Clean the screen

When using the air conditioner, if the filter screen is not cleaned for a long time, the dust in the air conditioner will be too thick, and the cold air will be difficult to discharge, and it will accumulate in the thick pipe. At this time, ice will naturally occur. Therefore, we need to clean the filter screen frequently to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner.