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What does it mean to go to the house and uncover tiles

Shangfang jiewa is used to describe people who are naughty or even rebellious and disobedient. Its whole sentence is' don't fight for three days, Shangfang jiewa '. Most of the time, elders are used to describe naughty children.

The word 'go to the house to uncover tiles' comes from the saying' go to the house to uncover tiles without fighting for three days'. Many people were warned by their parents when they were naughty when they were young.

The meaning of going to the house to uncover the tiles is to describe a person who is too naughty or even rebellious. Just like the saying in this sentence, if there is no 'lesson' in three days, he can run crazy to the roof and lift the tiles off.

Most of the time, this word or sentence is used to describe children, because children always like to make trouble and explore everywhere.