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161 standard weight of girls

The standard weight of girls with a height of 161 is between 47.16kg and 57.5kg. As long as they are kept within this range, there will be no major problems in their body. If they are thin or fat, they should pay attention to diet and strengthen exercise at the same time, so as not to affect their health.

First of all, many girls who love beauty pay special attention to their body shape and pursue a thin and symmetrical beauty. However, long ago, they studied the standard weight of girls and boys with different heights. Between a certain value, it is a normal body shape, otherwise it is thin or fat.

Generally speaking, the standard weight of girls with 161 height is between 47.16 kg and 57.5 kg. As long as the figure remains within this range, it means that your physical health is maintained very well. If it is less than 41.92 kg, it means that you are already thin. You should pay attention to supplement nutrition and strengthen exercise.

If you are 161 tall and weigh more than 78.6 kg, you have reached the point of severe obesity. In this way, you should consciously control your diet and strengthen exercise to avoid some bad conditions for your body. We usually need to manage our weight, not lean or fat, which is good for our health.