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Method for use of Carbendazim

There are four ways to use multi fungus. One is to disinfect plants, the other is to treat plant wounds, the third is to spray on plant leaves to prevent pests, and the fourth is to mix with plant basin soil.

To disinfect plants, first immerse the plants to be disinfected in carbendazim solution for about 2 minutes, and then put the plants in a cool place to dry in the shade for two days. Finally, just wash it with water. The function of disinfecting plants is to prevent plant decay.

When dealing with plant wounds, the plants will be cut during plant grafting or cutting to produce wounds. Apply multi fungus on the plant wounds and put them in a ventilated place to wait for the wound to heal. The specific healing time depends on the size of the plant wound.

Spray the multi fungus on the leaves of the plant, mix the multi fungus with water, turn the water into a white liquid, and spray it on the leaves to harm insects, but some white marks will be left. When changing the pot soil for plants, add some carbendazim powder to mix and use, which can also play a role in disinfection.