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An interesting soul is one in a million

The original sentence of this sentence is' good-looking skin bags are the same, and interesting souls are one in a million '. After it was widely spread, netizens continued to write a sentence' you can't afford to play with good-looking skin bags, and interesting souls don't see you '.

When the phrase 'one interesting soul in a million' first became popular, the whole sentence was' one interesting soul in a million '.

What it wants to express is that good-looking appearance is not rare, and the excellence of soul and soul is the real one in all. I want to tell others that if you don't have a beautiful face, you don't have to lose heart. The inside is often more important.

Later, after this sentence spread, it was filled in by enthusiastic netizens. The latter sentence: 'you can't afford to play with a good-looking skin bag, and an interesting soul can't see you', which changed from chicken soup to poisonous chicken soup.