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Is it harmful to wash hair with detergent

Washing hair with detergent is harmful. The cleaning and decontamination function of detergent has strong irritation. For the head made of keratin, it can't bear such a powerful cleaning. Even washing hair with detergent will lead to problems such as dry hair, bifurcation and increased dandruff. Therefore, in order to take better care of our hair, it's better to choose a shampoo suitable for ourselves.

Detergent is a daily cleaning tool at home. It can quickly remove stains and powerful cleaning function, and is also conducive to the spread of bacteria. Detergent contains a lot of chemical components, mainly to remove oil.

Hair is mainly composed of keratin, which is very fragile. It often needs our patient care. In particular, it is more appropriate to choose a mild shampoo to clean and take care of our hair.

Detergent has a powerful decontamination and cleaning function, but our hair often does not need a powerful detergent with cleaning function, so as not to hurt our hair and cause the loss of nutrition, resulting in dry hair, bifurcation, light hair color, increased dandruff and other problems.