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The difference between blue and red for train tickets

The blue ticket of train ticket is harder, smaller and easier to save than the red ticket; The four corners of the blue ticket are round, and the four corners of the red ticket are sharp; Blue tickets can be checked automatically, while red tickets can only be checked manually.

Difference 1: material

The red train ticket is an ordinary paper ticket, and the blue train ticket is a magnetic card ticket. The material of blue ticket is harder, so blue ticket is easier to save than red ticket.

Difference 2: shape

The red train ticket is a standard rectangle, while the four corners of the blue train ticket are round.

Difference 3: size

A red train ticket is bigger than a blue one.

Difference 4: function

The blue train ticket has a magnetic card, so the gate of the automatic ticket checking channel can be used for ticket inspection. As an ordinary paper ticket, the red train ticket can only be checked by the staff through the manual channel.