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Washing nose with normal saline has a good effect

Friendly tips: the full text is about 2132 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: how to wash the nose with normal saline. Many people don't know the benefits. In fact, there are many benefits of washing the nose with normal saline, which is of great benefit to the human body. So do you know how to wash the nose with normal saline? How to wash nose with normal saline? Let's introduce the benefits of normal saline nose washing. There are many benefits of washing the nose with normal saline. It can treat a variety of nasal problems and improve sleep quality. Let's see why. If nasal mucosa edema is serious, 2% or 3% high concentration saline can be used. After washing with high concentration saline, it can promote the rapid exudation of fluid in edematous nasal mucosa, eliminate edema and alleviate nasal congestion. Generally, nasal flushing with high concentration saline should not exceed 7 days. People without nasal congestion, dry nose and epistaxis should not use high concentration saline. Wash the nasal cavity and use a special tool electric nose washer. In addition, large capacity medical syringe, nasal spray bottle and yoga nasal rinse can be selected. When washing, first lower your head and pay attention that your nose should not be lower than your mouth. Keep the left nostril down and pour salt water into the right nostril. The water will flow out of the left nostril. Repeat several times. Turn your head and rinse the other nasal cavity. During nose washing, open your mouth and breathe. If water flows out of your mouth, don't swallow it. Let it flow down naturally. Saline nasal washing therapy is safe for children and pregnant women and can be used for a long time. Generally speaking, wash your nose once or twice a day. In the cold season, it is better to heat the water before washing the nose with salt water. The water temperature is about the same as the body temperature, and the effect will be better. This is particularly important for patients with allergic rhinitis, because many patients are very sensitive to temperature changes. If cold water is used, it will induce symptoms. Principle through the impact of saline, it can remove a large number of allergens, bacteria, viruses and purulent mucus gathered in the nasal cavity, even in the nasal sinuses, give the nasal cavity a clean and refreshing environment, restore the function of nasal cilia and accelerate the recovery of health. Methods the use of nasal washer can make the warm salt flow effectively reach all parts of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. The choice of salt for nasal washing must choose high-grade non iodized salt or normal saline. The common salt used is iodized salt, which is not suitable for use in the nasal cavity. Iodine can be eaten in small amount, but it can not be used inside the nasal cavity. After oral administration of iodine, the absorption of human body is limited, but the absorption in the nasal cavity is large. In medicine, the effect of intranasal administration is equivalent to intramuscular injection, because the capillaries in the nasal cavity are very rich, and it is easy to cause damage to the human body if it is slightly inappropriate. As for the expensive natural sea salt or hot spring salt, the medical research report points out that its nasal flushing effect is not better than that of physiological salt water, and the feeling of use is not more comfortable than that of physiological salt water. Preparation of saline the preparation method of normal saline is to add 2.25 g of nasal Cleanser (salt) to 250ml warm boiled water. Temperature control in nasal washing saline, it is generally recommended to use warm saline close to the body temperature of about 37 ℃ to reduce the irritation to nasal mucosa. It can be prepared at home by mixing boiled water with a certain amount of cold boiled water.