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[what if the rice grains reach the nasal cavity]

Friendly tips: the full text is about 518 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: take out the rice grains into the nose and mouth. Hello, according to your information, if you eat too fast, you will eat the rice into the nose. At this time, don't worry, stop eating first, and the residues in the mouth are clean. The rice is generally stuck in the deep part of the nose, usually in the fold at the back of the nasopharynx or nose, Over time, it can be discharged slowly. If the foreign body feels more obvious, I can spit out the pharyngeal cavity with a suction nose, or wash my nose with sea salt water to remove the particles. If the rice grains are stuck in the middle and upper nasal tract, so I can't blow out my nose, I have to go to the hospital for endoscopic examination and suck them out with a straw. I hope my advice can help you. It is recommended that you cough hard, which can increase the pressure of the nasal cavity, so that the particles can be discharged from the nasal cavity. You can also use the nose to discharge the particles from the nasal cavity. Avoid overwork to avoid ear injury or ear inflammation.