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How to deal with severe hair oil? Learn emergency tips

Friendly tips: the full text is about 3223 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: how do you not wash your hair and remove oil? Why don't you have time to wash your hair on a date? Get up late and have no time to wash your hair? Physiological period inconvenient shampoo? How does hair oil do badly? Do you want to go out with a head of oil? no No way! These emergency tips let you go out at any time. How to deal with hair oil emergency 1. Talcum powder talcum powder is mainly composed of talc powder, that is, the fine powder of hydrated magnesium silicate. This mineral has strong adsorption and can adsorb fat soluble substances well. Therefore, it should have some effect of removing head oil. Gently sprinkle a layer of talcum powder on the hair root, then gently pat it with your hand or powder puff until it is absorbed, and finally shake off the excess. 2. If there is no talcum powder, starch can also be used instead, and the oil absorption effect is also very good. Mix corn starch with an appropriate amount of essential oil (the amount of essential oil shall be controlled within 4 drops) and sprinkle it on the hair root, then brush the powder evenly with a cosmetic brush and shake off the excess powder. Those who don't like the taste of talcum powder can be replaced with starch. 3. Baking soda omnipotent baking soda is also very powerful for removing oil. Dip a small amount of baking soda with your fingers and rub it in the greasy roots of your hair. Be careful not to touch the scalp directly, which may cause pain. This method can be used in an emergency once in a while. Don't use it often! 4, wash and spray hair easily greasy and lazy shampoo, you can buy free spray, shake the bottle before use, 20 cm from the hair evenly sprayed on the hair, 3~5 minutes later rub the hair with a towel, and finally comb with comb. How does hair always love oil? Hair oil, most of which belong to "seborrheic dermatitis", is mainly related to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands on the scalp of young people, and some people will itch. The good news is that with age, sebaceous glands will gradually shrink and the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis will ease spontaneously. In other words, it's good to be old (try to keep smiling). But in the process of aging, we can't do anything. 1. Shampoo should be selected correctly. If it's just oil and dandruff, just choose a shampoo produced by a regular manufacturer. If you are accompanied by itching symptoms, it is likely that fungi are causing trouble. Polish your eyes, check the composition list, and choose a shampoo containing miconazole, which can inhibit fungi in a short time and make your scalp not itch in a day or two. If it fails to alleviate, it is recommended to go to the hospital for help as soon as possible. 2. Avoid scratching the scalp with your hands. When washing your hair, many people are used to scratching hard, thinking that it can wash cleaner. In fact, scratching the scalp with your hands will accelerate sebum secretion, which is counterproductive. 3. Scalp massage shampoo, do not immediately wash the shampoo, gently massage the scalp with your finger pulp for 30 seconds and then rinse, which is conducive to washing the excess oil. Usually use a coarse tooth comb to comb your hair, so as not to hurt the scalp and promote blood circulation, which can achieve a good self massage effect. 4. Eat more Cereals, vegetables and fruits. Oily hair should eat more coarse fiber foods, such as cereals, which is more conducive to the excretion of oil from the body. In addition, people with oily hair can also eat more vegetables and fruits and supplement necessary vitamins. The above introduces how to do when your hair is oily. Learn these little tricks and keep your hair fresh without washing your hair.