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How can adults reduce their fever? The method is so simple

Tips: the full text is about 2328 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: Tips for adults to reduce fever. In our life, we often see that children have more fever, but adults also have fever. What should I do about adult fever? How should adult Fever reduce fever? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you one by one. If you have a fever, you might as well have a look. For many adults, fever is a rare thing, and most adults usually go to the pharmacy to buy some fever medicine when they have a fever. In addition to taking fever medicine, what methods should adults use to reduce their fever? Let's have a look. 1. If you have a low fever, you should first drink more water. It's good to drink boiled water. Pour water in a large cup until you can't drink it. Go to the toilet several times and part of the physical virus has been excreted. 2. Then you can boil ginger sugar water at home, slice or chop the ginger and cook it with brown sugar, drink it while it is hot, and then sleep and sweat. When the fever is not serious at the beginning, this method is very ineffective. 3. When adults have a fever, you can use a wet towel to wipe the body, especially the face and forehead. However, it should be noted that wet towels should be soaked in warm water, otherwise too cold towels will aggravate the fever. 4. If the fever is less than 38.5 degrees, but it has been burning for a period of time, you can go to the hospital to see what causes it, and then take the medicine prescribed by the hospital. The general cold is divided into wind cold and wind heat. You can take different cold medicine. If it is caused by inflammation, you can also take some antibiotics, which depends on the judgment of the doctor. After curing the cold and inflammation, the fever will naturally subside. 5. If you have a fever above 38.5 degrees, you should take antipyretic drugs or go to the hospital for antipyretic injections. Adult fever how to quickly and effectively reduce fever 1. Drink a lot of boiled water. From the early stage of a cold, drink a lot of boiled water. Although you may not want to drink at this time, tell yourself that your immune cells are fighting the disease. They need a water environment. A large amount of water can also promote the timely removal of waste. At the same time, timely supplement the water loss caused by high temperature and sweating. To relieve dry mouth and tongue after recovery. 2. Bed rest whenever a person has a fever, it often leads to physical weakness, dizziness and other symptoms. Therefore, you can't force yourself to do something too much at this time. It's important to raise your body at this time. Therefore, sleep a lot and cover the quilt. 3. Soak your feet constantly with hot water. You can also boil some ginger bubbles appropriately to know that your body is hot. 4. Drink ginger water properly and boil ginger slices, brown sugar, scallion whiskers and garlic slices. Dispel the cold in the body. 5. Wipe ① wipe the whole body with warm water, especially the forehead, arms and soles of feet. ② Wipe with water and alcohol. (no alcohol can be replaced with Baijiu). It is better to wipe every 15, and the interval can be shortened in severe cases. 6. Vitamin C and E supplement vitamin C is a natural antibiotic, which can reduce inflammation, reduce fever and improve resistance. You can drink some properly. You can drink nutrients or go to the drugstore. Vitamin E also needs to be supplemented. High temperature will accelerate the oxidation in cells, and appropriate vitamin E can protect cells. (health preservation)