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Classification of children's blackboard newspaper and painting garbage

Friendly tips: the full text is about 2834 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: Tips for household garbage classification. Blackboard newspaper environment is a big thing, garbage throwing is a small thing, and big things should start with small things. The following is the garbage classification of children's blackboard newspaper and painting brought by Xiaobian. Welcome to read and refer to it. Let's have a look! Children's blackboard newspaper painting garbage classification garbage classification solutions rely on community consumers. Facing this situation, we must first standardize the business behavior of scavengers as soon as possible, strengthen guidance and management, realize the transformation from disorderly to orderly business enterprises on the premise of reducing their adverse impact on society, and give full play to the role of garbage classification and recycling. More importantly, we must establish a more advanced consumer classification and recycling system. First, establish the concept of waste classification. Widely carry out the publicity, education and advocacy of waste classification to enable consumers to establish the environmental awareness of waste classification, clarify the serious harm caused by waste to social life, publicize the significance of waste classification, and call on consumers to actively participate in waste classification. At the same time, teach consumers the knowledge of waste classification, so that consumers' waste classification has gradually become a conscious and habitual behavior. Second, transform or add facilities for waste classification and recycling. A trash can can be divided into several segments or several independent classified trash cans can be established. Garbage classification should be refined step by step. The finer the waste classification is, the better it will be for recycling. Garbage cans of different colors can be used to recycle glass, paper, plastic and metal packaging waste, plant waste, domestic waste, battery bulb and other special waste. The recycling category and brief instructions must be indicated on the trash can to guide consumers to use. Trash can also become the carrier of enterprise advertising, and enterprises can bear the production cost. The community recycle bin can be managed by the community property or neighborhood committee to establish the garbage management and recycling service function of the modern community, so as to make garbage recycling a way to generate income and supplement the shortage of consumers' sanitation and cleaning expenses. The government can implement the preferential policy of reducing and exempting business tax to mobilize the management enthusiasm of the community. The new community should reasonably plan the waste recycling station, which has gradually become a necessary condition for approval and acceptance, and strengthen the comprehensive function of the new community. Third, improve the form of waste storage and transportation. Some large garbage should be compressed for storage and transportation. In particular, it should be noted that the garbage collection vehicles of the environmental sanitation bureau should be transformed separately to load garbage by classification. Give full play to the role of the original waste recycling channels and resell the renewable waste to enterprises. In addition, establish a special recycling team for waste downstream industries, which will be directly recycled by manufacturers, realize multi-channel recycling, and introduce the competition mechanism of price and service, so as to improve their service quality and waste recycling rate. Fourth, implement household short-term collection and regular classified recycling at different times. The garbage can be classified and temporarily kept by the family within a week. The sanitation collects food garbage such as perishable vegetable leaves every morning, recyclable garbage at noon every day, construction garbage at noon and other garbage at night. The community or property management department regularly gives door-to-door guidance or brochures to new residents to let them know how to classify garbage. Where conditions permit, we should also regularly broadcast videos on learning from foreign environmental protection and garbage collection, improve the quality of local residents, and develop the habit that taking care of the environment is taking care of ourselves.