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How to wash black clothes stained with paint

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In life, if we accidentally stain our beloved clothes, how should we clean them quickly? If it is stained with paint, can it be cleaned? Let's see how to clean the paint on black clothes! How to wash black clothes stained with paint

It can be cleaned with balm. First, apply the balm to the stain, rub it with your hand for several times, and the paint will fall down, and then clean the whole clothes. The decontamination ability of balm is very good, but it is not recommended to use balm to clean light colored clothes so as to avoid marks.

Tips for removing paint

1. Generally, gasoline is used. Dip an appropriate amount of gasoline directly with cotton yarn, apply it directly on the part to be wiped for 5-10 seconds, and then wipe it.

2. Apply a small amount of balm on the paint stain, rub it until the paint falls off, and then wash it with clean water. It is better to use balm than gasoline, because the taste of balm is smaller.

3. A small amount of alcohol can be used to wipe the clothes. If it can't get down, use a blade to carefully remove the paint from the surface, and then wipe it with solvents such as butyl or xylene.

4. If the clothes are stained with paint and spray paint stains, apply a little cooling oil on the front and back of the clothes that have just been stained with paint stains. After a few minutes, wipe the cotton ball along the longitude and latitude lines of the clothes, and the paint stains will be eliminated.

5.1 as long as the paint stain is slightly coated with some cooling oil, the paint skin will wrinkle and peel off. Wash the clothes again, and the paint stain will disappear.

6. The solidified old stains can be soaked in the mixture of ether and turpentine for about 10 minutes. After the stains become soft, scrub them with gasoline or benzene, and then rinse them with clean water.

7. If you use toothpaste and wash your hands several times, you can have them at home. You don't have to buy them.

8. You can also use peanut oil and salad oil on your hand, rub it at the position stained with paint, add some detergent, and then rub it twice with a rag.

9. For hard objects such as iron and glass, paint remover can be used, and the general market price is more than ten yuan.

10. If the furniture is stained with paint, it can be removed by loosening it, saving water or repeatedly wiping it with gasoline, and it will not affect the beauty of the original paint of the furniture.