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How to do with blistering lips? 4 tips to quickly reduce fire

Friendly tips: the full text is about 3357 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: what to do with getting angry all the time. Getting angry is something that will happen in any season, and it is also something that will happen to most people. The main symptom of getting angry is oral ulcer and blistering of mouth and lips. No matter which week of navigation, our life will be affected. So what about blistering lips? What medicine should I use? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you in detail! Table of contents 1. What to do about blistering on the inflamed lips 2. How to alleviate blistering on the inflamed lips 3. Nursing care for blistering on the inflamed lips 4. Treatment methods for blistering on the inflamed lips 5. How to quickly eliminate blistering on the inflamed lips 6. What to eat for blistering on the inflamed lips 7. What medicine to take for blistering on the inflamed lips 8. What to do about blistering on the inflamed lips 9 Hot compress if the situation of hot blistering on the lips is serious, then you can apply some natural aloe gel at this time, which has a very obvious bactericidal effect. For some patients with itching, pain and other symptoms at the long blisters, aloe gel will also have a cool feeling when applied, which can alleviate these discomfort symptoms. Usually wipe it on for a period of time, the blister pain can be greatly improved. And a few more times can eliminate the symptoms. Or before going to bed at night, you can also use the method of hot compress and apply the bubble on your mouth with a hot towel. This method can effectively reduce light redness and swelling. And hot compress can also speed up the blood circulation near the mouth and help the blisters dissipate as soon as possible. 2. Drink more water. It is very important to develop the habit of drinking more water in daily life, because water is the carrier of detoxification. Only drinking more water can eliminate all kinds of garbage toxins in the body. Many times, these garbage toxins are the main cause of our getting angry, especially in this dry early spring season. If you don't pay attention to drinking more water, the dry climate can easily lead to human getting angry. Therefore, we should insist on drinking more boiled water every day to treat the symptoms of long blisters on the lips. It can be said that long blisters on the mouth are attacked by fire. At this time, as long as you pay attention to drinking more water, the symptoms of long blisters on the lips can be well alleviated. In the face of the problem of long blisters on the lips, these are effective methods for treatment. 3. Drug treatment if the lips are not seriously inflamed or have just been inflamed and blistered, it is usually itchy at this time. Of course, it is also easier to treat. At this time, patients only need to put some toothpaste on the affected area before going to bed every night, so that they can have a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. However, when applying toothpaste, you must pay attention to applying it evenly. At the same time, you should also pay attention not to dirty the pillow when sleeping. You will find that the blisters are much better when you get up the next day. Or you can also apply erythromycin eye ointment to the affected area. This ointment has the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and has a good therapeutic effect on burning and blistering on the lips. And the side effects of erythromycin eye ointment are very small. It can be improved in about 3 days. 4. Light diet light diet can not only help us effectively treat lip fire, but also prevent it. Experts remind some people who are easy to get angry that they should try to eat more radish, honey and other foods in their daily life. In addition, there are pears, jujubes and so on. These foods have a good effect of removing fire. Warm tip: for the problem of how to do with blistering on the lips, these have good preventive and therapeutic effects. Of course, in addition to these, eating less spicy and irritating food in daily life can also avoid getting angry. In addition, in daily life, you should also avoid licking your lips, because the salt in saliva is large, which will aggravate the dryness and cracking of your lips.