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What about tinnitus? Tips: are you still doing these five ear damaging habits!

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With the development and progress of science and technology, now more and more young people like to wear headphones to listen to music wherever they go. After wearing headphones for a long time, many children will find that they have tinnitus. What if tinnitus happens? If you are interested in how to do tinnitus, please follow the Xiaobian of Ping An Health Network to have a look.

Rumble, rumble, squeak, clatter, clatter, buzzing. It's like a horn hidden in your ears. It makes you dizzy and can't hear others clearly. You can't sleep well at night, your hearing is getting worse and worse, and your action becomes slow

The treatment of tinnitus is mainly aimed at the causes of tinnitus. But so far there is no cure for tinnitus. Now let's share some tips on how to deal with tinnitus.

1. Wear hearing aids. The reason is that the brain can focus on external sounds without being disturbed by internal tinnitus.

2. Avoid noise. It is helpful to wear earplugs when operating the machine.

3. Do not use stimulants. Caffeine, nicotine and decongestants can aggravate tinnitus.

4. Add background sound. Music, fans or other background sounds can distract the brain.

5. Behavioral therapy. Relaxation can help reduce or control tinnitus.

6. Drugs. When tinnitus affects sleep and causes serious anxiety, sedatives or antidepressants can be effective.

Five ear injury habits should be done less

1 pull out your ears

Due to the delicate skin of the ear canal, if the ear is pulled out improperly, it is most likely to cause external auditory canal injury and infection, resulting in furuncle and swelling, causing ear pain, and severe cases can lead to hearing loss and loss.

2 blow your nose

Some people even blow their nose until they have earache. The nose runs from the airway to other places, directly changing the pressure in the ear, which is likely to squeeze part of the nose into the eustachian tube, causing otitis media and hearing loss.

3 sneeze

When sneezing, cover your mouth and nose gently with your hand or paper towel. If you cover your mouth and nose hard, it will increase the pressure on the nose, and bacteria and viruses will easily enter the middle ear tympanic chamber with low pressure from the eustachian tube with the air flow, resulting in acute otitis media and hearing loss.

4 listen to music with headphones

There are 20000 delicate sensory nerve cells in the human inner ear. High decibel noise at close range will cause damage or even death of these cells. Over time, it will cause noise induced deafness. Such damage is often irreversible.

5 excessive drinking

After long-term and excessive alcohol stimulation, the ear will be stuffy and swollen, sudden deafness and other conditions, resulting in hearing loss.

The above is all the information about how to deal with tinnitus. I hope you have learned how to deal with tinnitus after reading it. Well, the above is the latest news Xiaobian brought to you today. I hope you are satisfied.