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How to whiten yellow teeth? Tips for tooth whitening

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If you want to talk and laugh or smile confidently, you can't have a yellow tooth. So, how to make yellow teeth white? Xiaobian has collected a collection of tips for tooth whitening methods, which will make your teeth as white and bright as ever! 1、 Gargle with vinegar

Household vinegar, aged vinegar or white vinegar can be used. Before brushing your teeth, put a mouthful in your mouth for about 3 minutes, but spit it out and brush your teeth. This tooth whitening method should not be too frequent. It can be done once every two months. The effect is very good, and it can also remove the breath. It can't be better to deal with a temporary date. This method will cause a tingling sensation in the teeth, but it will be all right after a few minutes.

2、 Peanut paste brushing

Peanut is a favorite snack for many girls. Do you know it also has the effect of whitening teeth? The folk tooth whitening recipe chews the peanuts into a paste. Don't swallow them. Use them as toothpaste. Do it every day, and your teeth will soon turn white!

3、 Brush your teeth with baking soda

Baking soda is weakly acidic and can decompose tea scale or smoke scale on teeth, so it has a certain effect on whitening teeth. You can whiten your teeth by dipping your toothbrush with a little baking soda and brushing your teeth in the correct way. This tooth whitening method is used about 3 times a week and controlled for about 2 minutes each time.

4、 Yeast powder brushing

Yeast powder contains a lot of protein and can also decompose the dirt on the teeth, so it also has a certain effect on tooth whitening. When brushing your teeth, add some yeast powder to the extruded toothpaste to whiten your teeth!

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