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What are the tips for removing wrinkles from the corners of the eyes?

Friendly tips: the full text is about 2547 words. Please read it patiently. This keyword tags: family to remove eye wrinkles. Use rice ball massage to remove eye wrinkles. When the rice is ready, pick some warm rice and knead it into a ball. Put it on the face with eye wrinkles and knead it regularly until the rice ball becomes dirty, black and greasy, and then rinse the face with water. Rice can suck out the oil and dirt in the skin pores and make the skin breathe more smoothly. Often knead the face with rice balls, which has a great effect on removing eye wrinkles. Use fresh milk + honey to remove the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. Stir the fresh milk and honey evenly, apply it to the places where wrinkles are easy to appear in the corners of the eyes, massage it for 5 minutes, wash it after 30 minutes, and use it once a night to remove the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. All chicken bones and chicken skin soup can remove eye wrinkles. Usually, the chicken bones we eat will be thrown away. This will teach you how to remove eye wrinkles with chicken bones. Wash the leftover chicken bones and cook soup with the peeled chicken skin. If you drink it often, your skin will become delicate, tender and smooth, and the eye wrinkles will be eliminated. Drinking beer can remove wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. Beer has less alcohol content, so beer can help digestion and clear away heat. Beer contains vitamin B and protein, which can supplement the nutrients needed in the skin. Drinking an appropriate amount of beer every day (150g for Chinese food and 250g for dinner) can not only enhance the physique, but also reduce the corner wrinkles of the eyes. All use skin care products to corner wrinkles, the corner of the skin is very fragile, very weak, the corners of the eyes appear wrinkles, usually due to lack of water caused by the skin, so in the selection of eye wrinkles skin care products, it is best to choose some moisturizing water heavier wrinkle cream or essence, sooner or later, with skin care products evenly rub in the corner of the eye with wrinkles. Massage for 3 minutes is very effective in removing eye wrinkles. The appearance of all wrinkles is usually caused by insufficient maintenance the day after tomorrow, and smoking is the fatal culprit. If you don't want lip lines to continue to deepen, please quit smoking from now on! In addition, sleeping on the side will also deepen the lip lines. If possible, you can use some de wrinkle products when you sleep at night... Details must not rub the fragile skin around your eyes! When you use makeup, you can't pull it down with your hands, especially when you paint your eyeliner. If you really have to touch this part, you must also gently, or first cushion it with a powder puff and press it gently! Ping, for sure, you should always make facial mask, apply a tightly crested eye cream, massage your eyes more often, and pay more attention to rest and eat high protein foods. What should gout patients pay attention to in their daily life? Do you need to take any medicine every day? A: Gout prevention diet 1. Quit high purine food, animal viscera (liver, intestine, kidney, brain), seafood (abalone, crab, lobster, salmon, sandy fish, tuna, carp, bass, trout, COD), shell food, meat (cattle, sheep,... Details