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Tips for removing body odor in summer

Friendly tips: the full text is about 955 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: are there any tips to reduce body odor? Summer is coming. Do you have the embarrassment of body odor? If it is a slight body odor, in fact, some simple methods can effectively remove the odor. Learn from Xiaobian! The method of removing body odor Youjie coffee removes body odor through the four steps of "purification, repair, balance and consolidation". The effective components extracted from pure plants target the sweat gland tube wall cells, promote cell division and reorganization, restore the cell gap of sweat gland tube wall to reach the normal value, and completely remove body odor from the root source of body odor. Use according to the cycle, and completely remove the body odor in three to four cycles. 1. Baking soda removes body odor. Baking soda can absorb moisture and kill odor producing bacteria. The use is also very simple: Sprinkle an appropriate amount into the bath water, or mix it with talcum powder and puff it under the armpit. 2. When bathing with tomato juice, add 500ml of tomato juice to the bathtub, and then soak the armpit in the water with tomato juice for 15 minutes, twice a week, which can effectively remove the peculiar smell under the armpit. 3. Eat more fragrant foods. Fragrant foods include green leafy vegetables, iron containing foods, magnesium containing foods and foods that improve metabolism.