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How does the fever caused by acute tonsillitis in children reduce the fever

Friendly tips: the full text is about 1465 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: tonsillitis fever reduction tips introduction: children are particularly vulnerable to diseases due to their low resistance during their growth, especially acute tonsillitis. Such diseases are beyond the prevention of children and parents, Moreover, children are particularly vulnerable to diseases, especially acute tonsillitis, due to their low resistance during their growth. Such diseases are beyond the prevention of children and parents, and they often have fever after suffering from such diseases, which is also a phenomenon that many parents are particularly worried and afraid, Therefore, the primary thing for children after acute tonsillitis and fever is to cool down.

1. 35% alcohol bath

Alcohol can dilate blood vessels and take away a lot of heat when evaporating. It can help cool down when infants have a fever. Prepare 100ml of 75% alcohol, add the same amount of warm water, and keep the temperature at about 27 ~ 37 degrees Celsius. Don't be too cold, otherwise it will cause muscle contraction and heat recovery. When taking an alcohol bath, use a small towel to wipe from the baby's neck, from top to bottom, in the way of patting and wiping. The areas with rich body surface arteries and blood vessels at the armpit and groin should be wiped until the skin is slightly red, which is conducive to cooling. Pay attention not to rub the baby's chest, abdomen and soles of feet, so as not to cause adverse reactions.

2. Warm bath

Bathing helps dissipate heat. If your baby has a fever and is in a good mental state, you can take more baths and adjust the water temperature to 27 ~ 37 ℃. Be careful not to give your baby a hot bath, otherwise it is easy to cause systemic vasodilation, increase oxygen consumption, easily lead to ischemia and hypoxia, and aggravate the condition.

3. Hot water feet

Foot soaking can promote blood circulation and relieve discomfort. Another beauty of soaking your baby's feet when he has a fever is that it can help cool down. Soak your feet in a foot basin or bucket, pour 2 / 3 basin of water, the water temperature should be slightly higher than usual, and the temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius, taking the baby's adaptability as the standard. When soaking feet, the mother stroked and rubbed the baby's two little feet, which not only dilated the blood vessels, but also reduced the discomfort caused by fever.

After physical cooling through the above methods, we must go to the hospital with our children for examination and treatment. Although such diseases come quickly and are relatively serious, they will generally be cured quickly after systematic treatment, mainly because many parents are most worried after fever.