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Shoes with white rubber soles turn yellow day by day. How to wash them white? Who has a trick? Now t

Friendly tips: the full text is about 3125 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: Tips for washing white sports shoes. Now many of these classic shoes are made of pure white rubber soles. They just bought some very nice shoes. But for a long time, love shoes may be slightly yellow and look unclean. Who has a trick? All simple! First soak it with washing powder, then brush it, and then brush it with white toothpaste! Most importantly, after brushing, wrap it with white toilet paper! After drying, you will find that the toilet paper has a light yellow, and the shoes are white! Q: how to wash white clothes and shoes whiter without yellowing A: white clothes or light colored clothes will turn yellow over time. The main reason for the yellowing of white or light colored clothes is the oil secreted by the human body, especially polyester fabrics. In addition, there is the residual fat residue during washing (the most obvious... Details Q: about the washing method of shoes a: when washing and drying, lay a layer of toilet paper on the upper. Those washing powder water and soapy water that are not washed clean can be absorbed on the toilet paper to ensure that they will be wasted. Q: ask experts for advice on stomach diseases. What about frequent stomach pain? In daily life, how to raise the stomach and what food to eat... A: keep a happy mood, find the cause and actively treat the symptoms. Go to see a doctor when you have time. Pay attention to the following 11 principles in the diet of stomach diseases: 1. Eat less fried food: because this kind of food is not easy to digest, it will increase the burden on the digestive tract, What's the difference between turnover and sales tax included or not? Sales: refers to the total inflow of economic benefits formed by the enterprise in its daily activities such as selling goods, providing labor services and transferring the right to use assets. Tax law on this general... Financial issues on land use tax and deed tax of development enterprises 1. Q: does the demolition compensation fee of real estate development enterprises also pay deed tax with the land price (based on the part of house exchange)? A: Yes, because who is the most famous rhinoplasty expert in Shanghai? Nose augmentation is a kind of behavior to adjust or reconstruct the appearance of the nose. The main appeal is to make the nose more beautiful and to solve some problems caused by accidents... Which is a good fire retardant coating for steel structure of Otolaryngology? When choosing a manufacturer, we must look at the strength and product performance of the manufacturer, so that we can choose a good one. You can expand the cause and see what about Keli pure female probiotics for home decoration? Probiotics for girls can effectively inhibit the colonization and growth of various harmful bacteria in women, and then effectively inhibit and prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases. And Corey... Life