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How is axillary blackening removed? Four Whitening Tips to get you out of embarrassment

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The summer night is leisurely and lively. It's a good choice for about three or five friends to eat hot pot or crayfish. When you stand up to celebrate with your friends, the dark skin under your armpits is exposed and you face the strange eyes of your friends. At this time, there is great embarrassment in addition to the discomfort of your whole body. What's the reason for the dark under your armpits, How is axillary blackening removed?

What is the cause of underarm blackening? Wearing tight clothes will make the armpit less ventilated, produce more sweat when it is muggy, and the cuticle will become thicker and thicker, which is easy to make the color of the armpit darker.

Pigment deposition may also occur during puberty or when pregnant women reach the middle and late stage of pregnancy. This is because the melanin in the body changes with the change of hormone level, producing more melanin than usual. Therefore, it is deposited in armpits and other parts with less light.

If the hair follicle under the armpit has inflammation and the excretion function decreases, all kinds of sundries and sweat may accumulate in the armpit. Over time, the skin of the armpit will deepen and look like the armpit has darkened. At this time, you need to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Black armpits are very troublesome, especially for women. It will be a pity if they can't wear a one-line collar and sleeveless dress in the colorful summer. Below, Xiaobian will share four Whitening Tips to let you gently send whitening and have a happy summer.

1. Whitening tip 1: Lime

How is axillary blackening removed? Lime contains a variety of volatile oil components, which can sterilize and detoxify, moisturize and lock water, refresh and refresh the brain. Its peel can scrub the skin, remove the dead skin on the surface of the skin, and has the effect of whitening and freckle removal.

Mix three tablespoons of orange essential oil, one tablespoon of tequila nectar, half a lime fresh juice and two tablespoons of sea salt in a large bowl. Massage the mixture in circles under your armpits, and then rinse.

2. Whitening tip 2: how to remove underarm blackening by drinking snow milk black tea? Fry 1g of prepared black tea and 800ml of water until the juice is thick, then mix 100g of boiled milk, add some small salt, mix well, and then drink. One cup a day can enhance the physique and make the skin white and elastic.

3. Three tips for whitening: use professional red pigment products for the first time

How is axillary blackening removed? By inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, the brand chuyuanyang can block the formation of melanin, and directly combine with tyrosinase to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, restore the natural pink and tender skin, and prevent the invasion of free radicals in an all-round way. The natural effects can be maintained for a long time.

Every day, sooner or later, apply a small amount of initial source product. When the emulsion is completely absorbed, it will be effective after one month. After three months, the melanin can be diluted.

4. Whitening Tips 4: Lemon apple

How is axillary blackening removed? Apple puree and lemon juice can clean and firm the skin, make the pores smaller, and fruit acid can moisturize the skin, making the skin shiny and elastic.

Peel, seed and dice the washed apple, press it into a paste with some water, add 1 protein and 2 ~ 3 drops of lemon juice, stir evenly, apply it to the armpit for 10 ~ 15 minutes, and then wash it with warm water. Xiao Jing, 32, was found positive for hpv52 and 58 in her premarital physical examination not long ago. She consulted her doctor. Can I still get pregnant? Can HPV infection cause cervical cancer? In life, there are not a few women like Xiaojing. Pregnant women... [details] during the Mid Autumn Festival, the weather changes rapidly and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. We need to pay attention to health care. So, what should we pay attention to during the Mid Autumn Festival? Next, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge[ Bitter food contains amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, trace elements, etc. it has a variety of medical and health care functions, such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and heatstroke, refreshing and refreshing, eliminating fatigue and so on. Eating bitter food in summer can clear away summer heat and enhance appetite, but it should be appropriate... [details]