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[fat pouch]

Friendly tips: the full text is about 1965 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: fat pouch removal tips. Pouch is the easiest for women to grow, which has a great relationship with poor rest. However, there are many types of pouch. If it is caused by poor rest or staying up late, it can be restored to normal through nursing, However, when suffering from fatty bags under the eyes, other ways should be used for conditioning. The conventional way can not be completely cured, and it needs to be controlled by surgery, physical therapy and so on. Of course, treatment can also use a variety of ways of adjuvant treatment, so how to regulate fat pouch? The pouch is the lower eyelid skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and orbital diaphragm are loose, and the fat behind the orbit is hypertrophic, protruding to form a bag like protrusion, which is called the pouch. Pouch is common in the middle-aged and elderly people around the age of 40. It can occur in both men and women. It is one of the early manifestations of human aging. Of course, with the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards and the development of science, it is possible to delay the occurrence of pouch. Generally speaking, adults, especially women, will produce bags under the eyes between the ages of 25 and 30. This is mostly the result of fat accumulation. The best way to remove it is to remove it completely. Some people think that their pouch is not too obvious and always want to remove it when the pouch is bigger. This concept is wrong, and the result will be premature relaxation of the lower eyelid skin. 1. Ice compress for ten minutes is the first aid method for swelling and blistering eyes. It can be used to wet compress the swollen eyelids with ice spoon or make-up cotton with ice water. 2. Wash your face alternately with warm water and cold water. This method is the same as the principle of alternating cold and hot bath. It can promote circulation and metabolism. Pay attention to that the water temperature is not too high, otherwise it is easy to cause skin aging. 3. Salt water hot compress put a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water, stir and apply salt water to the eye bag with a cotton pad. Heat exchange after cooling is repeated, which can promote the gradual retraction of the pouch after a few days. With the growth of age, the body is bound to have aging symptoms in all aspects. At this time, if you can pay good attention to health preservation, moderate work and rest, don't stay up late and ensure adequate sleep, you will eliminate and delay the generation of bags under the eyes. 4. Some people abroad often use chamomile, superior black tea or rose seeds, and warm castor oil or olive oil to wet compress the lower pouch for 15 minutes to several hours every day. These substances help to solve the pouch problem at the lower part of the eye. In addition to the tips of upper pouch, If you can use it with eye cream that has a good effect on tightening the skin around the eyes, you can quickly and completely eliminate eye bags and get rid of meat blisters. How does fat pouch recuperate? There are four most commonly used ways to treat this disease. These four ways of treatment do not damage the skin around the eyes and will not stimulate the patient's psychological emotion. Therefore, they are also the most healthy and effective way. However, patients should pay attention to the accumulation of more fat, bags under the eyes will be more obvious, giving people the feeling of edema. Surgical treatment is the safest for such patients, and bags under the eyes will disappear faster. After treatment, nursing and health care should be carried out to prevent bags under the eyes from growing again.