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[underarm Whitening Tips]

Friendly tips: the full text is about 2103 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: underarm Whitening Tips. Underarm blackening is a problem that many people don't easily notice. One day, when you look at your own underarm, you find that your underarm is already so black, which has a unique comparison with other regions. Although it is said that the armpit is a more private area, it is inevitable to expose the armpit when you wear more refreshing in summer. The gray and black armpit affects the beauty and generosity. Let's introduce a lot of underarm whitening methods in detail below. 1、 Reasons for rough underarm skin 1. Irritation of razors and hair pullers: the underarm skin is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the human body. Therefore, the human body will produce black and thick hair to maintain the underarm skin. However, many beautiful girls will solve this kind of small hair out of civilization, politeness and beauty. The black precipitation under the armpit is mainly the pigment metabolized by the human body in order to maintain the skin. Shaving or plucking will cause great pressure on the skin and make the pigment accumulate more easily. 2. Sebaceous glands, brittle cuticle: the armpit is usually a closed position, which will stuffy a lot of sebaceous glands and sweat. In addition, the friction of clothes and trousers and the application of antiperspirant make it uncomfortable under the armpits, which will deposit a thick brittle cuticle and thin cuticle. 3. Apply skin care products that cover black precipitates: some women who focus on dashboards will cover pigments under armpit with foundation and Concealer cream, although this method can temporarily clean the dashboard, but it will block the hair follicles under the armpit and make them worse. 2、 Calamine can be used to clean the armpit every morning, noon and evening. Gray black will gradually become lighter. Later, wipe anti sweat dew under the armpit. It is not easy to smell in hot summer. 2. 2. Diet matching basically feels that it has something to do with pigmentation. Further inspection is needed to establish the cause of the disease and treat it as soon as possible. Usually, eat more fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, emerald vegetables, etc. It is advisable to eat more fresh fruits with more water: oranges, melons, peaches, etc. 3. Use bee wax to remove the hair under the armpit. If you often use the knife head to shave, because the hair can't follow, a lot of hair accumulates under the skin. The bee wax removes the hair by pressing the root, so the skin will look shallower and softer. 4. Baking soda can remove the cuticle under the armpit. Many people know that it is necessary to exfoliate the face regularly, but they often ignore the area under the armpit. If you feel that the skin under the armpit is not smooth, it is recommended to slowly apply exfoliating products. In addition, you can slowly draw an arc under the armpit when baking soda is used to draw water, so as to remove unnecessary cuticle and stains, which is less irritating to the skin. Gently wipe the armpits with lemonade to whiten the skin.