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Whitening Tips in life

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Whitening has always been a topic of concern for many women. Snow-white skin can well improve your temperament and cover skin defects and facial defects. So, how to whiten your skin? 1、 Regular exfoliation, the increase of cutin will cause pore blockage, which is very helpful for the accumulation of pigment, so it is necessary to remove cutin in time, which can also help whitening. 2、 Sunscreen is also required indoors, so no matter whether you go out or not, you should also pay attention to the preparation of sunscreen indoors. If you want to whiten your skin, you should slowly accumulate these small details first. 3、 Skin moisturizing should be a daily thing for girls in their daily care. Moisturizing can alleviate dry skin, maintain skin activity and help whiten skin. 4、 Girls who keep good sleep have normal endocrine regulation. Hormone balance is also out of balance, which is also helpful for whitening, and can help repair skin cells during sleep. Five, girls should love to apply facial mask. Now many of them have high nutritional content. They can not only help to replenish water, but also help skin whitening. Eating more fruits containing vitamin C every day can help the human body reduce the production of melanin, such as Kiwi fruit, Liuding, tomato, guava \ \ apple, as well as the traditional Chinese Whitening secret recipe job's tears are good choices. Or taking one tablet of vitamin C every day can also achieve a certain effect, but pay attention not to exceed 60 mg a day. Choose whitening products containing vitamin C, and use whitening products of the same brand as far as possible, because the main ingredients are the same, which can strengthen the whitening effect and avoid sensitivity. Water is the holy thing of beauty. When you wake up in the morning, you should drink cold boiled water on an empty stomach. If you add a piece of lemon to the water, the beauty effect is more obvious. Please also drink a small glass of water 30 minutes before going to bed at night to fully absorb the cells, which can effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles and have a certain whitening effect. Don't eat too many foods that are easy to cause melanin precipitation, such as coffee, tea, or sensitive foods, such as white radish, celery, etc. After sunburn, you can also use fresh aloe at home, scrape out the aloe substance in the middle and apply it to the skin, which has the effect of calming and whitening. Pay attention to the cleanness of the skin, so that you can keep moisture! Tips for whitening several fruits 1. Banana facial application: grind the peeled banana, stick it with your fingers, and wash it with fresh milk with a small amount of water after 20 minutes. This method is suitable for any kind of skin. Once a week, it can soften cutin and whiten skin. 2, loofah juice mask: fresh sponge gourd juice and add a spoonful of starch (flour), apply to the face for 15 minutes -20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water, because Luffa contains a variety of vitamins, long-term use, strong bleaching effect, can keep the skin delicate. 3, lemon juice mask: lemon juice filtered directly on the face, keep 15 minutes after washing, two times a week, can make the skin gradually white, suitable for skin and oily black skin. 4, watermelon mud mask: fresh watermelon juice add half spoonful of milk powder, then add appropriate starch, smear the whole face, wash it 20 minutes, 1 times a week -2 times, can make the darker skin white and shrink the thicker pores. This method has a good effect on Sun tanned skin.