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Tips for cleaning glass to make glass clean and bright

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There are many glass products in our life. Many people don't know what to do when they face these glass products. These cups, window glasses and mirrors are easy to fall off dust and need to be cleaned from time to time. So how to clean them is the most convenient? Next, the staff editor will teach you some tricks. The glass at home is easy to fall off and can't be washed clean? These simple moves are convenient, easy and clean!

If our cup is dirty, we can try the following techniques. One is detergent. We soak the cup with detergent first, and then rinse it with clean water. The cup can become very clean, like a new one. This is the same principle as washing dishes. It can remove fingerprints and scale. The second method is to soak the cup with white vinegar mixed with water, but if there is serious scale on the cup, you can choose to use white vinegar with high concentration. Scale is a common thing in life, and white vinegar is its natural enemy. Third, you can also choose alcohol to wash glasses. I don't know if you've ever seen cupping, because the jar will absorb the oil on the surface of people's body, so you need to wipe the jar with a cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe it clean. In fact, it can remove the oil. So how should I wipe the mirror? Our bathroom mirrors are usually dirty, because many of them are washed up with foam and shower foam. When they are dried, they leave tiny spots. We can also use white vinegar to spray water, spray them onto the mirror, wipe them with a cloth, and erase them easily. Of course, it's also easy to wipe clean by directly dipping a dishcloth with the solution of white vinegar and water, wring it dry, and then wiping the mirror.

We all clean the windows during the new year. If the windows are not cleaned well, they will be very dirty. Usually we use water to wash the windows first, then dry with a rag or use a detergent to wet the rag and blow out the foam to wipe the windows, then wipe it up with a dry cloth. If we don't think the window glass is clean enough, we can use baking soda and white vinegar. If the stain is particularly stubborn and small, we can wipe it on the window with toothpaste and then wipe it clean.