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What if the dumpling filling is salty? How to remedy the salty dumpling filling?

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Some people like to eat dumplings, especially the stuffing inside, but they will be a little salty when making their own dumplings. So what if the dumpling filling is salty? How to remedy the salty dumpling filling? What if the dumplings are salty? 1. If the dumplings have been wrapped, when mixing the soup, put more vinegar and dip it in.

2. If the stuffing is mixed and not wrapped, you can add some sugar to neutralize the saltiness. In boiling, you can cut a washed potato into two halves and boil it for a few minutes. Soak in water mixed with baijiu. You can also add some stuffing. Wrap the remaining dumpling stuffing and freeze it. You can make it next time, but if it's a vegetarian dumpling stuffing, it may affect the taste. How to mix dumpling stuffing? First, the proportion of meat and vegetables should be appropriate. Generally speaking, the meat to vegetable ratio of dumpling filling is 1:1 or 1:0.5.

Secondly, don't pour out the vegetable juice. It is determined that the vitamin of Chinese cabbage will lose more than 60% after juice removal. In order to avoid nutritional loss and waste, the scientific method is: after the vegetable stuffing is chopped, squeeze the vegetable juice out and put it in the basin. When mixing the meat, add it with soy sauce one after another and stir it fully to make the vegetable juice penetrate into the meat, and then put it on the dish and mix it well. For vegetarian dumplings, you can chop the vegetable stuffing first, pour it into the pot (basin), add edible oil (vegetable oil) and mix it gently, let the oil wrap the vegetable, and then put salt and seasoning. In this way, not only the nutrition is retained, but also the dumpling filling will be fresh, tender and delicious. If it is leek meat filling, mix the vegetable filling with oil, and then pour the mixed meat filling (with enough salt) into it and mix it evenly. The vegetable stuffing is mixed with oil and wrapped by an oil film. It is not easy to dehydrate in case of salt. The dumplings wrapped with this kind of stuffing taste very fresh and have a faint smell of vegetable juice.

Finally, the meat should be chopped into antler. The meat for stuffing is chopped with a knife to make it antler. When there is a lot of lean meat, add vegetable juice or water appropriately; When there is a lot of fat, add less vegetable juice or water and stir it in one direction. After the meat is sticky, put an appropriate amount of pepper powder, spiced oil, salt, fresh ginger powder, monosodium glutamate and sesame oil, and continue to stir. At the same time, soy sauce should be added slowly bit by bit. If there is broth, it is best to add broth, add drops and stir until it becomes a paste, and then pour the vegetable stuffing into it and stir evenly. The dumplings made of such dumpling stuffing have full soup, fresh taste and tender meat. When adjusting dumplings, add a small amount of white sugar, and the dumplings will have a delicious seafood flavor. Practice and materials of cabbage filled dumplings: cabbage, pork, flour, eggs, salt, soybean oil, pepper, soy sauce, mixed stuffing, old soup


1. Wash the cabbage, chop it up, sprinkle salt, sand out the water and squeeze it dry for standby.

2. Cut pork into minced meat, add chopped green onion and ginger, mix well with seasoning, and add cabbage.

3. Knead the flour with an egg, water and salt into a slightly hard and smooth dough, wake up for half an hour, knead it smooth, pull it into small dosage and roll it into dumpling skin.

4. Pack the meat stuffing, boil until the water boils, add some cold water and repeat three times.

Tips: adding eggs and salt to dumpling noodles can make the dumpling skin more smooth and somersault as hard as possible.