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How do students get rid of blackheads by themselves? These methods are very practical

Friendly tips: the full text is about 1985 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: how to quickly get rid of blackheads. As students, many conditions are very limited, so some blackheads don't have good conditions to treat. So how do students go black by themselves? Xiaobian will share with you some tips that can effectively remove blackheads. Let's take a look at it together next! 1. How to use salt + milk to remove blackheads: mix an appropriate amount of salt and 4-5 drops of milk. When the salt is in a semi dissolved state, apply it to the nose, gently massage for half a minute, and then wash the face with clean water. Efficacy: massage the nose with salt and milk to clean the skin, gently exfoliate, bring out the blackhead on the nose, and milk can tighten the skin. But after use, the skin is easy to dry. In order to make the skin secrete protective oil again, don't wipe any skin care products after washing with water. 2. How to remove blackheads from rice: take out an appropriate amount of cooked hot rice, pinch the rice into a small rice ball, stick it in the center of the nose, push it around in a round way, wait until the rice is completely attached to the nose, wash it with clean water, and finally take a toner. Efficacy: fresh rice balls have strong adsorption capacity, can stick away the dirt on the nose, and effectively remove blackheads and aging horniness. 3. Diet should also avoid greasy food. Greasy food or food containing too much fat will make sebum secretion more vigorous and deepen the problem of blackhead. Eating more vegetarian food is not only conducive to skin care, but also conducive to health. Avoid wrong ideas and reduce damage to the skin. Error 1: squeezing can remove blackheads. Moderate squeezing can be regarded as one of the ways to remove blackheads, but excessive stimulation will accelerate the skin's oil secretion gland to secrete more oil. Just like we squeeze an oil palm fruit, the greater the force, the more oil will be produced, and squeezing will cause more serious damage to delicate and weak skin, resulting in coarse pores and scars. Error 2: blackheads can be removed once. As we all know, everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception. It is necessary to be patient to eradicate blackheads. A few days after the aging blackheads are removed, new blackheads are generated again. Good and responsible blackhead removal products will make the blackheads less and tighter each time. However, the generation of blackheads, this metabolic cycle needs to be combined with special attention to daily care before it can be slowly cured.