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How to wash oil stains on down jacket (share tips for removing oil stains)

Friendly tips: the full text is about 2928 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: Tips for removing oil stains on down jacket 19:15:23 on July 7, 2020 how to wash oil stains on down jacket (sharing tips for removing oil stains) has been closed. Comment 1215 words read 4 minutes and 3 seconds. How to clean oil stains on down jacket? As we all know, once the down jacket is stained with stubborn oil stains, it is very difficult to remove, and its area will gradually expand, so that many people are at a loss when they encounter such things. Today, Xiaobian brought you down jacket's tips to remove oil stains. Let's have a look! How to clean the oil stain on the down jacket: 1. Remove the curry oil stain method 1: wet the down jacket stained with curry oil stain with water, and then gently scrub it with salted soap solution and soft brush until the mark disappears. Dry the down jacket in the shade. Method 2: wet the oil stains on the clothes with water, then brush the down jacket in warm glycerin, and rinse with water after the marks disappear. 2. Method 1 for removing paint oil stains: when the paint is not completely dry, wipe it repeatedly with kerosene, and then apply a small amount of dilute acetic acid to remove it. Method 2: sprinkle a few drops of alcohol on the paint stained part of the clothes, and then rinse with warm soapy water until it is clean. Method 3: when the clothes are just pasted with paint, you can immediately wipe off the paint with turpentine. If it is latex paint, you can wipe it off in water. 3. Remove mechanical oil stains, apply gasoline to the oil stains for brushing, and quickly rinse with warm water before the gasoline is dry. 4. Removal of pine oil stains when handling pine trees, clothes may be stuck with pine oil. At this time, the dirt can be soaked with alcohol, soaked and dissolved, and then the wet towel can be wiped clean. 5. Removal of tung oil stains tung oil is a kind of vegetable oil that is not easy to dry. After it is stained on clothes, it should be brushed with gasoline and kerosene. After tung oil dissolves, it can be wiped off with soap. 6. Removal of yellow oil stains. If the clothes are stained with butter, the dirty parts can be scrubbed with toluene, and the traces left can be cleaned with alcohol soap. 7. Remove the oil stain of the range hood. When the oil stain of the range hood is stained in the down jacket, soak the clothes in water to prevent the oil stain of the range hood from adhering to the clothes, and then spray the oil stain on the clothes for scrubbing. Down jacket oil stains to share tips: 1, down jacket oil stains local cleaning, we all know, down jacket washing more will affect its original thermal effect. If you just accidentally get a small area of oil stains, is there a way to locally clean down jacket oil stains? Today I'll teach you how to clean the local oil stains on the down jacket. Method 1: make a small area of oil stains on the down jacket. Before the oil stains are dry, immediately use the oil stain removing pen to apply the oil stains, or wipe it with a wet towel or wet cloth first, and then wipe it with a decontamination pen. Grease removal pen is also called first aid pen, so it should be used before the grease is dry. Method 2: if the down jacket has a small area of oil stains, squeeze the toothpaste at the oil stains, then brush gently with a small toothbrush, then rinse the oil stains with a small amount of water, and finally dry the oil stains with a hair dryer. Method 3: if the down jacket accidentally gets oil stains, soak the oil stains in hot water of about 50 degrees, dilute them, rub and wash them with a small amount of alkali and washing powder, and finally wash them with clean water. 2. Clean the whole down jacket with oil stains. If the down jacket gets a large area of oil stains, or the oil stains are stubborn, we have to work hard and clean the whole down jacket. In addition to taking the down jacket to the dry cleaner, how should we clean the whole down jacket at home? Method 1: don't worry about cleaning the oil stains on the down jacket. You can apply the detergent to the oil stains first, then wait for about 20 minutes, soak in warm water, gently rub with your hand or brush with a small brush, and finally rinse with clean water. Method 2: if the down jacket is covered with edible oil, soak the down jacket in warm water, then scrub the oil stain with soap, and finally wash and dry it. Method 3: get oil stains on the down jacket to minimize the damage to the down jacket. You can use the special cleaning solution for down jacket, and then try to wash it by hand. Gently, you can prolong the life of down jacket.