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Washing machine cleaning tips, baking soda is very effective!

Friendly tips: the full text is about 1940 words. Please read it patiently. Keyword tags: Tips for washing clothes. Baking soda has fragrance. The washing machine is a very important electrical appliance for modern life. It not only liberates our hands to a certain extent, but also gives us a lot of our own time. However, many people don't care much about the sanitation of the washing machine, because they imperceptibly feel that the washing machine is almost water every day, and they are washing themselves while washing clothes. But this idea is wrong. The washing machine can clean the clothes because of detergent, and the bacteria on the clothes will be adsorbed on the surface of the washing machine during the washing process. Therefore, as the number of washing clothes increases, there will be more and more bacteria in it. If not cleaned regularly, it is likely to make subsequent clothes contaminated with internal bacteria. Next, let's learn how to disinfect the washing machine. First, we know that the washing process of the washing machine itself forms a more reasonable washing environment through rapid rotation. Therefore, if we replace the internal clothes with bactericide, it will be a great blow to the original bacteria in the washing machine. The high-speed rotation of the washing machine itself can not only quickly shoot the disinfectant on the inner wall of the washing machine, but also spread the disinfectant evenly inside over time. As for the types of disinfectants, we can choose special washing machine cleaners on the market or natural baking soda. The steps are very simple. First put a lot of water in the washing machine and try to reach the highest water level. Then we can pour in the disinfectant prepared in advance, start the standard washing procedure, then let it run for 20 minutes, select pause, let the internal disinfectant precipitate for 30 minutes, and then press the continue key. Finally, it is finished until the end. If the weather is good, you can take a sun bath for a while to make the sterilization more thorough. Second, some laundry opportunities have special areas for detergent, so in addition to cleaning the laundry bucket itself, we should also take care of the health of this area. It is best to clean it on the same day, so that the cleaning interval will be easier to remember. The steps are more troublesome than cleaning the washing bucket. We first pour the special disinfectant into the area where the detergent is placed, and then start the standard mode. In about twenty minutes, we will find that the disinfectant has been drained from the drain of the washing machine. At this time, we need to pick up the disinfectant again, and then put it into the area where the detergent is placed for the second cleaning. After repeating this five or six times, this area can be cleaned. However, in order to facilitate the recycling of disinfectant, remember to put a bucket at the drain to receive the disinfectant. The disinfection frequency of washing machine is about three months, which is a reasonable time period. So we can clean up the weekend of this period in advance and make some time for our healthy life.