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How to clean the washing machine

I believe most people have never washed the washing machine at home. If they want to wash cleaner clothes, it is necessary to learn these methods of washing the washing machine. Although there are already special cleaners for washing machines. However, Xiaobian recommends using baking soda, white vinegar or bleach to wash the washing machine. Please see the following for specific cleaning methods.

Tips for washing machine 1: use baking soda to clean the washing machine

Baking soda is already a cleaning artifact in our life. We pour baking soda into the washing machine, then add water, and then jump the washing machine to the normal cleaning mode. After simple cleaning for about 15 minutes, turn it off. After turning it off, you will find some dirty stains floating in the water. At this time, drain the waste water, and then wash it with water.

Tips for washing machine 2: use drift agent to clean the washing machine

Bleach can also be used to clean the washing machine. The reason why the washing machine is dirty is because of the bacteria left after washing clothes many times. Bleach is very suitable for washing. Add an appropriate amount of bleach, be sure to use chlorine bleach. In 40 liters of water, add 300 ml of bleach. Adjust to the high water level, add bleach after the water is filled, and stir evenly. The slowly initiated foam is caused by the dissolving of detergent in the inner barrel. After about twenty minutes, the bleach will thoroughly clean the dirt on the back of the inner barrel. After mixing and dehydration, dirt will remain at the bottom of the inner barrel of the washing machine, and water will be put again to completely drain the dirt.

Tips for washing machine 3: use household white vinegar to clean the washing machine

First wipe the inner cylinder of the washing machine with white vinegar, and then let it stand for half an hour. At this time, in fact, white vinegar can soften the dirt in the inner cylinder of the washing machine. You can also pour white vinegar on the towel, and then put the towel into the washing machine to turn on the drying mode, so that the inner cylinder will be stained with white vinegar. Then half an hour later, we pour white vinegar into the washing machine and add clean water. The water is less than half of the washing bucket of the washing machine. Do not put any washing articles. Soak it for 3 hours, then turn on the washing switch, wash it several times, release the washing water, wash it with clean water once, and open the cover to dry.

Don't think it's unnecessary to wash the washing machine. In fact, we need to clean the washing machine about every 1-2 months, so that our clothes will be cleaner.