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Top ten tourist attractions in Fangchenggang Daquan must visit one-day tourist attractions in Fangch

Fangchenggang is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of Guangxi. It is a beautiful coastal city and port city, located on the southwest tip of the mainland China coastline. It is China's main maritime gateway to the world. Fangchenggang has mountains, seas and forests. Its rich tourism resources attract many tourists. So what are the necessary scenic spots for a one-day tour of Fangchenggang? Here is a complete list of the top ten tourist attractions in Fangchenggang. Let's have a look.

10. Butterfly Island Paradise Beach

Butterfly Island Paradise Beach is surrounded by the sea and rich in fish. It is still a beach in its primitive state. In the morning, people can go to Butterfly Island to watch the sun, rocks and waves. There are many strange stones on the island with rich cultural customs. It is a good place to play.

9. Ancient fishing village of Acanthus Hill

The ancient fishing village of Acanthus mountain is located in the southeast of Qisha peninsula. In front of the village is a shallow beach of dozens of square kilometers. The village has quiet woods and magical reefs. It is a natural village with unique secluded forests, ancient castles, blue sea and Yuanyuan history and culture. The scenery is very beautiful.

8. Yaoshan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot

Yaoshan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Dongzhong Town, Fangcheng District, Fangchenggang City. It has abundant rainfall, lush forests, rich animal and plant resources and mineral resources. You can enjoy exotic scenery without going abroad.

7. Shiwandashan National Forest Park

Shiwandashan National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Shangsi county. Its highest peak, shuliangling, is 1462 meters above sea level, overlooking the vast blue sea of Beibu Gulf.

6. Savage Valley Scenic Spot

Savage valley scenic spot is a charming original ecological drifting resort in Guangxi. Tourists can choose rafting, field, barbecue, camping and so on. The streams in the scenic area are crisscrossed. Two soft bridges connect the gate and restaurant of the scenic area respectively. The gurgling water, jagged rocks and surrounding mountains are lush and cool. This is a good place for summer vacation.

5. Xianrenshan Park

Xianren mountain park is located in the center of Fangchenggang. It is said that the immortal LV Dongbin drives a crane here. The highest altitude of the park is 196 meters. It is the highest point in Fangchenggang City. Tourists can stand on it and look into the distance and overlook the beautiful scenery.

4. Pingfeng rainforest Park

Pingfeng rainforest park is composed of hongshigu drifting and Shimen Valley sightseeing. Drifting has now developed two types: carefree drifting and warrior drifting. Among them, there is a large and small drop on the way, which will be more thrilling and exciting; The carefree ticket is also called parent-child floating. It is suitable for all ages and more leisurely and quiet.

3. Volcanic island

The conditions of volcanic island are unique. The surrounding sea water is blue, the beach is soft and soft, and the sound of birds often comes from the shore. The island has lush trees, including rare tropical wild fruits. It is a real volcanic island.

2. Jiangshan Peninsula

Jiangshan peninsula is located on the Beibu Bay of Jiangshan Township, Port District, Fangchenggang City. It is the largest peninsula in Guangxi. It has a long coastline, along which there are many tourist attractions such as Yueliang Bay, strange stone beach, dapingpo Bailang beach and Bailong fort. It is known as Hawaii in China.

10000 Tail Golden Beach

Wanwei Jintan is located on the three Jingzu islands in Dongxing City. It is the southwest end of China's mainland coastline. The residents are mainly Jingzu. The 10 kilometer long beach here integrates fine sand, flat waves, gentle slopes and water heating. The sea water is clear and pollution-free. It is one of the most popular scenic spots in Fangchenggang.