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Ranking of top ten advertising companies in the United States this year

1. Hongmeng group

Omnicom Group Inc is the world's largest advertising agency with revenue of US $15.13 billion. The list of long-term customers of Hongmeng group includes McDonald's, Volkswagen and Gloucester.

2、Interpublic Group

Interpublic group is a global leader in modern marketing solutions. Interpublic group has offices in major markets in the world, focusing on consumer advertising, digital marketing, communication planning and media purchase, public relations and professional marketing.

3. Accenture interactive

Accenture interactiv

e) It is one of the largest digital agent networks in the United States, with revenue of $2.92 billion. Accenture interactive has a department that provides services such as marketing strategy, customer experience and omni channel business.

4. Aislon

Epsilon is an American alliance loyalty program and direct marketing service company. Aslon is also an advertising agency specializing in e-mail marketing.

5. IBM interactive experience,

With the transformation of advertising to the digital field, IBM interactive experience involves advertising business, with revenue of $2.13 billion. Customers include visa and Air Canada.