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Huangshi top ten tourist attractions ranking what are the interesting scenic spots in Huangshi

Huangshi is a prefecture level city in Hubei Province. It is one of the birthplaces of Chinese bronze culture. It also has the reputation of "half city mountain and half city lake". So what are the interesting scenic spots in Huangshi? Let's take a look at the ranking of the top ten tourist attractions in Huangshi.

10. Xiandao lake and savage island

Are there really savages on savage island? Of course, don't be too naive. There are no real savages here. All savages are disguised by staff. Tourists may be chased by savages after they go to the island, but it will only be a short period, which is still very interesting.

9. Tuanchengshan Park

Tuanchengshan park has a large area. People can choose to walk or take a battery car. There are many amusement facilities for children in this park. It is also a place where citizens often take children.

8. Xianlong Island

The location of Xianlong island is close to Xiandao lake. The scenery here is very beautiful. There are many small islands. You can watch the sunrise on the suspension bridge in the morning and the stars in the evening.

7. Tonglushan ancient copper mine site

Tonglushan ancient copper mine site is the birthplace of bronze culture. During the Warring States period of more than 2000 years, most of the copper was produced here, undertaking the history and future. Here you can see many ancient ore tunnels, which have been mined and changed greatly.

6. Longfeng Mountain Ecological Park Leisure Resort

Longfeng Mountain Ecological Park leisure resort has a beautiful environment and humid climate, and there are unique wild high-quality ferns and bamboo shoots on the mountain. Tourists can go to Longfeng Mountain Villa to pick wild ferns, dig bamboo shoots and taste authentic delicacies.

5. Cihu scenic spot

Cihu scenic spot is located in the center of Huangshi City. The coastline here is tortuous, beautiful and fresh. It is named for "many magnets on the lake". It is a good place for urban residents to relax.

4. Huangshi National Mine Park

Yellowstone National Mine Park has a very long history. It was once the first large-scale Open-pit Iron Mine mined by domestic machines in China. After a hundred years of mining, the East open-pit stope of iron mine has formed the world's first high and steep slope with a drop of 444 meters, and now it has become the core landscape of Yellowstone National Mine Park.

3. Xiandao Lake

Xiandao lake has excellent vegetation, species clusters, air anion concentration of 1010 / cubic centimeter, lake water visibility of 5 meters, daily average temperature of about 25 degrees in midsummer and about 8 degrees in winter, and there are groups of rock caves on the lake bank, forming streams in the cave, with very beautiful scenery.

2. Xiaolei mountain

Xiaolei mountain is the main part of Leishan scenic spot. It is famous for its magical stone scenery. There are nearly 100 stone scenery, such as stone pine, stone bed and stone house, which have their own characteristics. It is very suitable for weekend vacation.

1. Dongfang mountain

Dongfang mountain is known as the first mountain in three Chu. It is located in Xialu District, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, China, with an altitude of 475 meters. It is a provincial scenic spot and provincial forest park. You can go here all year round, and you can also taste firewood, rice and farm snacks.