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Anqing is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Anqing

Anqing, also known as "Yicheng", is a prefecture level city in Anhui Province and a central city in Southwest Anhui. Anqing has a long history, splendid culture, beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural landscape. There are many tourist attractions worth watching and playing. Today, Xiaobian has brought you a complete collection of Anqing's top ten tourist attractions. Let's have a look.

10. Sikong mountain

Sikong mountain was developed in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. Sikong mountain is magnificent and picturesque, with deep and fantastic scenery, surrounded by clouds and fog, with morning bells and evening drums. In 744 ad, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty granted a silver imperial edict to build the "Wuxiang Buddhist temple", with 5048 monk rooms and four temples under nine nunneries. Sikong mountain was full of monks and nuns, and pilgrims.

9. Vibrating tower

ZHENFENG tower stands on the Bank of the river in the east of the city. It was called Yongchang Buddhist temple and Wanfo temple in ancient times. The tower is a pavilion type masonry structure with eight corners and seven floors. The overall outline is conical. A wide base is built on the bottom floor, and the ventricles of each tower are octagonal. Each floor has a flat seat with waist eaves. Under the eaves, there are double Chinese arches with two jumps.

8. Xiaogushan

Xiaogu mountain, also known as Xiaogu mountain, is the absolute victory of the Yangtze River and the first wonder on the river. It is named for its independence. Xiaogushan mountain looks like a bun on an ancient woman. The mountain is strange and beautiful. Looking at a pen in the East and a master's chair in the west, it is full of interest.

7. Huating Lake

Huating Lake scenic spot is located at the south foot of Dabie Mountain and the North Bank of the Yangtze River. The natural landscape and cultural landscape here complement each other. The natural landscape in the territory is fresh and gorgeous, and the scenery of lakes and mountains is unique, showing a refreshing and beautiful scenery.

6. Linghu scenic spot

Linghu lake is famous for its many ridges. It was originally a natural lake, which is connected with Shitang lake and Pogang lake. Linghu scenic spot is the earliest garden park built in Anhui Province. It is famous for "Linghe landscape" and "Linghu night moon". Its landscape is closely connected with Lingjiao.

5. 5000 year cultural and Expo Park

With the goal of "Chinese culture theme park", the 5000 year Cultural Expo Park is committed to building an art palace of world pilgrimage to Oriental civilization, and has planned five phases of "one dream for a thousand years", "Ten Mile Gallery", "one hundred years of wind and cloud", "thousand autumn horse Gang" and "one root for all generations".

4. Yingjiang Temple

Yingjiang temple stands on the Bank of the river in the east of the city. The temple is composed of ancient buildings such as halls, halls, pavilions, buildings, towers and gardens. Nearly 500 statues of gods and Buddhas are enshrined in the temple, as well as the gold plaque "good lion roar" and "Miao Ming Garden mirror" given by Emperor Qianlong and Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty.

3. Dabie Mountain Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot

The Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot of Dabie Mountain is one of the sources of the famous Foziling reservoir, with numerous peaks, green mountains, staggered peaks, deep valleys, vertical and horizontal valleys and twists and turns.

2. Jushi mountain

Jushi mountain is located in Luoling Town, Yixiu District, Anqing City, Anhui Province. It is the location of Anqing Jushi mountain ecological and cultural tourism area. The scenic spot is surrounded by mountains and rivers and rich in ecological resources. There is also a glass plank road on Jushi mountain, which is very interesting.

1. Tianzhu Mountain

The natural scenery of Tianzhu Mountain is amazing. It is named because the main peak is like "Qingtian Yizhu", enjoying the reputation of "the first mountain in Jianghuai". There are seven scenic spots in Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area, including Tianzhu peak, the highest peak, the Mysterious Valley known as "the first secret house of granite", the Zongguan village of Liuyuan Zha village against yuan, the artificial lake of high mountain, the alchemy lake, and so on.